Hi there mteach!

Welcome to the new mteach wiki, another way to try and share files and keep ourselves well resourced during prac. I'm still working my way around this wiki but will try and keep it updated as best i can so that it'll be an easy to use tool. Since we're limited by a max capacity of 2GB at this stage here is what i'm thinking


  • Only upload word docs and pdfs, that means photos, ppts etc will have to be converted first. Any questions on the process, please ask.
  • If you would like the original ppt, simply contact the creater directly and share it that way.
  • 10MB file limit, so please make sure you check the size of your files before uploading
  • Pages have been created under stage 1, stage 2 , and stage 3. Once you enter these pages there are three links, one each for English, Maths and Other KLAs. This is not to say the others are less important, but to try and save us having a million links. If however you would rather they are divided into particular KLA's please let me know.
  • Please combine series of lesson plans into units of work e.g. put all your lessons on descriptions or recounts together.
  • I chose the colours, please advise me if they offend you!

File naming.

To avoid confusion on who owns what etc, here is my suggestion for file naming.

For English and Maths - Initial - Area

e.g CG - Descriptions

For Others - Initial - KLA - Area

e.g. CG - COGS - Forces

Please add any other details you think is relevant e.g. if the unit of work has a name e.g. Gold, or your maths lessons on 2D space cover tessellations and symmetry etc. But try and keep the names short and sweet.

I know this is a little bit more work but five minutes on your end will help keep the wiki functioning smoothly.

How wiki's work
I had to figure this out too but rather than me explaining i'd say go to the Help section of this page and read the "how to" on wikis. Quite helpful.
This works very much like wikipedia, so everyone can change the contents of these pages, please be careful that you do not delete other people work. But feed free to add written content to any of the introduction pages.

If you have any trouble, please contact me.

xoxox Chath